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Hello little one.
I promise to love you unconditionally with the whole of my heart.

Here at Earthside Collection we are dedicated to the collection of high quality products with a focus on beautiful and soft designs and style, alongside amazing textures and materials that are complimentary to the delicate nature of your new baby

Our June Top Picks!


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  • by earthsidecollection 2 weeks ago
    Soothing and sweet, Bashful Lavender Bunny has plenty of calming cuddles to give. . Petal-soft, with long, lopsy ears, squishable paws and a creamy bobtail, this gentle chum inspires the sweetest dreams. . The softest toys you have ever hugged, cuddled and adored. – makes for perfect gift!
  • by earthsidecollection 3 weeks ago
    Waterproof Sheet Cacti Design - just 2 left! . Regular sheet on the outside. Superhero on the inside.Waterproof bedding for the Little Human in your life. Made from the best materials, safe sleeping friendly and designed to make your life easier . Just ONE sheet change, ONE item to wash and ONE item to put away.
  • by earthsidecollection 3 weeks ago
    According to the research, the average hour's moms work per week is 98. As in the equivalent of two-and-a-half full-time jobs. . So go on mumma, buy that nappy bag you’ve been wanting, you deserve it!
  • by earthsidecollection 3 weeks ago
    Classic etching discs sets are available online now! . Including the announcement disc, monthly milestone and pregnancy sets
  • by earthsidecollection 3 weeks ago
    Spend a golden afternoon among the flowers with Blossom Aqua Bunny. . This delightful water blossom is a wave of turquoise fluff, with sweet floral ears and feet that make them the perfect seaside playmate.

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About Us.

We understand the importance of those first few years wanting only the softest and finest fibres touching your baby’s delicate skin.

Quite often these favourite pieces are packed away as heirloom items for the next generation. We know rediscovering these pieces can bring a flood of memories back in that very moment.

We hope to help you create that earthside collection of memories.

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