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Adopt an Animal. Australia Zoo.

We are pledging 10% of our own Savanna Wrap profits to Australia Zoo.

To kickstart the campaign we’ve decided to donate straight away before any profit has been made – we’re that committed to trying to make a difference in this world and be an example for our children – we hope you’ll join us!

Australia Zoo receives no ongoing government funding, so animal adoptions through the Adopt an Animal program play a vital role in their ongoing fight for wildlife conservation by providing them with the valuable funds required for their:

  • endangered species breeding programs
  • state-of-the-art wildlife exhibits
  • essential rehabilitation programs
  • veterinary requirements, and
  • general animal husbandry needs such as food and enclosure maintenance.

We chose to adopt Meerkat Molly via the Bronze Adoption Package, totally inspired by our Meerkat Wrap ofcourse!

From our Savanna Collection, a gender neutral wrap featuring the cheeky head of a meerkat surrounded by green and golden earthy tones.

120x120cm, 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Lightweight and breathable, Ideal for all seasons and temperatures

Multi-purpose – wrapping/swaddling, light blanket for in the pram, pram or nursing cover, comforter, change mat – also makes a beautiful backdrop for your baby’s photos.

About Molly

Hi, my name is Molly! I’m the matriarch meerkat of my mob. I am very calm and confident, so I have exactly what it takes to be a protective leader.

I can be distinguished from my daughters by my dark face. I am petite and adorable, but I make up for it with a lot of character. I like to spend my days digging and foraging for insects or just to pass time. I am often seen sharing the sentry duties, keeping my keen eyes out for any would-be predators! It’s a very important job and one that I take very seriously.

My favourite thing to do is test out my skills with enrichment activities. I have a very active mind and I’m curious about anything new that enters my home. I think it’s my favourite because enrichment always ends in delicious treats!

Make sure you drop by and say g’day to me and my beautiful daughters when you visit Australia Zoo.

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