earthside collection // a mother daughter duo

Here at earthside collection we are an “unofficial” mother and daughter team.

We all know it takes a village, and while this is Stacy’s “baby”, she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own!

We have a combined total of 11 children between us.

Lynn, the mother providing the perfect backbone to the business, just as a mother always does.

Assisting with organising/packaging your orders and an overall supportive role where necessary (this includes babysitting grandchildren)

Stacy, a daughter with a genuine love of all things baby!

You could say it was inevitable that she would inherit such a strong maternal instinct, A newborn photographer and design enthusiast combining knowledge and experience in sourcing product, marketing/social media and experience in operating a business.

Having had our own babies earthside we understand the importance of those first few years wanting only the softest and finest fibres touching baby’s delicate skin.

Quite often these pieces are packed away as heirloom items for the next generation.

An earthside collection of memories.

We think we are quite the perfect combination (just ask us!)

To add on to this, there’s supportive husbands and families cheering us on!

Enough about us, head on over to the good stuff and browse the shop!

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📸: Remi Jordan Photography