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Hospital bag checklist – What to pack?

Hospital Bag Checklist for you, your support person and your baby.

Did you know according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there is one birth every 1 minute and 43 seconds in Australia – wow!

New Baby in Hospital crib in front of Parents kissing

Here’s a carefully curated list of things you will need to pack in your hospital bag for when baby decides to meet the world, I’ve taken the time to build this resource especially for you, whether it be your first or fourth, I know you’ll still find it useful,

I’ve also made this resource a FREE download.

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Before we get to the Hospital Bag Checklist, here are my Top 5 Tips from my birth experiences just for you!

  1. It’s perfectly normal to experience blood loss after giving birth, this is why I recommend black underwear, high waisted for comfort and 1-2 sizes bigger than required. Maternity pads need some room due to their thickness and if you have any leakage you’ll be glad you chose black, high waisted just felt like I was a little contained with my after belly, but that’s just me.
  2. Everyone is different, and every birth is different, A total game changer from my first to my second baby was a tip from a midwife (bless you angels on earth!) She double layered the maternity pads in my undies (basically one towards the front, one towards the back, and overlapping) it created a nice soft pillow for my lady parts and also helped prevent any leakages, I had a post partum haemorrhage after my second, this was hands down the best advice I ever received, even with my third and fourth with little loss, I still felt safe knowing I wouldn’t have any accidents.
  3. Birthing nightie – after my first baby I got rid of it as it got a little messy in the birth suite, I really didn’t give it much thought, until it came time for my second baby and I was sad I didn’t have it, so don’t be afraid to bag it up, take it home and wash it for future birthing, I bought a new one for my second and wore it for babies number 3 & 4, kind of like a good luck charm!
  4. Hydrogel Breast Discs – are the best! We recommend reusable ones (save the planet) but you can get the disposable ones too, these are great between breast feeding to sooth your nipples. Once you use them you’ll know why I love them so much!
  5. New socks – you’ve just given birth – treat yo self! There is nothing better than a brand new pair of socks to make you feel a little comfortable, especially given what you’ve just been through in having your beautiful baby. I did not want to walk around the hospital bare feet so I was totally rocking the socks and slides look around the maternity ward.

Lastly, Congratulations Mumma, you’re almost there! I hope this article helps and that the list is of use to you!
If there’s anything you think I’ve missed or you have any advice, pop it in the comment thread below!

Best wishes for the arrival of your little one,

2021 Hospital Bag Checklist
(A realistic checklist of everything you may actually need)

☐ Medicare Card/Hospital Paperwork
☐ Birth plan/ Antenatal Card
☐ Birthing nightie
☐ Underwear (Black/Size up)
☐ Maternity Pads
☐ Essential oils/massage lotion
☐ Music/Phone playlist
☐ Cameras

For Birth Partner
☐ Change of clothes
☐ Board short/swimmers in case of bath/shower
☐ Toiletries
☐ Chargers

☐ Oversized comfortable clothes
☐ Pregnancy recovery pants/shorts
☐ More Underwear
☐ Nursing Bras
☐ Breast pads
☐ Hydrogel breast discs
☐ Nipple Cream
☐ Maternity Pads
☐ Socks
☐ Slippers
☐ Shower thongs
☐ Toiletries
☐ Lip balm
☐ Hair brush/ties
☐ Going home outfit
☐ Cameras
☐ Small change/Snacks

For Baby
☐ 4 Singlet/Singlet bodysuits
☐ 4 Long sleeve suits (We like the ones with zips and built-in mittens)
☐ Beanie
☐ Bibs/Burp cloths
☐ 3-4 Swaddling wraps
☐ Socks
☐ Nappies
☐ Wipes
☐ Car Seat (Correctly installed capsule)
☐ Special outfit and accessories for announcement photo

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