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How to play with your newborn.

For a newborn, the best toy is you, smiling and listening to you is a perfect way to create a bond between you and your newborn.

Here is a list of other ways you can play with your newborn.

  • Music, singing, gentle rhythmic patting on your baby’s bottom or tummy
  • Nursery rhymes are good as they are repetitive, our favourite one being round and round the garden.
  • Reading to your baby – it’s never too early to start!
  • Babies love to mimic you, by talking and making different sounds you can encourage your baby to give a response
  • Tickling, counting toes and blowing raspberries are simple ways to engage with your baby.
  • Peekaboo, making faces, rolling your eyes or poking your tongue out, your newborn will love seeing your face, nappy changing is a perfect time for this type of face to face play.  
  • Objects of different sizes, colours and shapes: these can encourage your child to reach and grasp, soft toys, rattles or cloth books with different textures are perfect newborn toys.
  • Put a toy or rattle in your baby’s hand for your baby to hold onto
  • Move your newborn around your home so they have different surroundings to take in instead of on the same play mat in the same room every time.
  • Regular tummy time and floor play helps develop muscle strength and control. Your baby can also see the world from a different perspective.

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