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How to thank your midwife. Words of gratitude.

The perfect words to thank your midwife are down below.

Have you ever received a handwritten card with a special message of thank you?

When it is totally unexpected from someone who truly appreciated what you did for them?

Time is so valuable, and I can assure you when someone has sat down and taken the time from their day to write you a note expressing just how grateful they are, there is no greater way to show appreciation than that.

A special midwife deserves no less, A handwritten personalised note will be far more appreciated than any token gift you could ever think of.

As your midwife has shown you, their words can be so empowering and never forgotten, why not return the favour with at thank you card expressing how truly grateful you are.

To the midwife who assisted with all your pre-natal appointments, the midwife who helped you labour and birth, or the midwife who assisted you post-partum, they are all so unique and special in their own way.

A keepsake card can be kept and re-read a million times over, an affirmation of their own to remind a midwife exactly why they become one.

Bonus Points: We all know that midwives are always so busy, surprise them by slipping in a pre-packaged coffee, hot chocolate or specialised tea satchel in the envelope, or even a skittles packet that they can enjoy on their short break, I’m sure they will be ever so appreciated during those late night deliveries.

To thank your midwife, we’ve compiled this list below to help put words to the thoughts you wish to convey.

  • Your constant support during this special time was invaluable to me
  • I am so grateful for all you did throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • We cannot thank you enough for the greatest gift of all, our happy and healthy baby and amazing birthing experience. 
  • The most important gift you gave me was the confidence to trust myself and my strengths.
  • Thank you so very much for all your support, dedication and encouragement throughout our pregnancy and baby’s birth
  • Thank you for being nurturing, kind and attentive to me
  • I felt comfortable 100% of the time because of you
  • Thank you for respecting the way I wanted to give birth and helping to facilitate it for me
  • I’m grateful that you truly listened to me
  • Thank you for helping me to feel amazing and strong in birthing my baby
  • Thank you for teaching me to trust my body
  • You brought peace, calm and positivity to the birth suite
  • Thank you for being present for the entirety of my labour and birth
  • Thank you for helping me to be ready to labour, ready to birth and ready to become a mother
  • Thank you for being the most incredible source of support and encouragement for my pregnancy/birthing/post-partum journey

I have been through four pregnancies, four labours and births, four post partem journeys, and all were so different. I remember all of the midwives names, I remember the care I received, I remember how they made me feel and I am eternally grateful that I had the best support helping deliver my four beautiful children earth side.

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