Achievement Milestone Acrylic Disc – Classic


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Our acrylic achievement discs are a lovely add-on to our month milestone cards. Capture each day of your babies big milestones as they smile, laugh and eventually walk their way across your heart.

  • By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that our handmade discs may contain unique imperfections in the laser work due to the natural nature of the product. This is not considered a fault, but rather a reflection of the unique natural beauty of the raw materials we use.


  • These handmade month milestone discs are laser carved on quality 3mm discs.
  • Each disc is approximately 9.5cm wide and is lovingly hand sanded and packaged with care.
  • Included in your milestone set is 1 x bag for storage of your discs and handmade milestone discs, wording as follows:

Set includes: 16 discs – Featuring sweet classic etching.

  • Today I smiled
  • Today I rolled
  • Last night I slept through
  • Today I laughed
  • My first solids
  • Today I talked
  • Today I sat up
  • Today I crawled
  • Today I stood up
  • Today I walked
  • My first holiday
  • My first tooth
  • My first Fathers Day
  • My first Mothers Day
  • My first Easter
  • My first Christmas (with hole and ribbon to hang on the tree)

Additional Advice

We suggest

-Using windex to clean your clear discs

Safety Warning

Your birth announcement disc is not a toy. It is a photo prop only. Please ensure you store discs out of reach from curious little hands and never leave with your baby unattended.

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